NC&E, LLC Electrical Contractors

Exterior Lighting Installation and Maintenance

Exterior lighting can be a huge part of a building’s look and feel. NC&E is experienced in the installation of all types of exterior lighting including but not limited to simple, small landscape lighting, building-mounted fixtures, and full-size pole lights for parking lot lighting. With the use of our boom lift truck, we can service and install any exterior lighting imaginable.

In the situation of needing parking lot lighting, one of the most important things is making a strong concrete base for the poles to sit on. Pouring concrete is not one of our specialties so we have experienced partners who produce high quality pole bases. Our partners have the equipment and knowledge to produce pole bases that will withstand wind, rain, flooding, and even the chance of a vehicle running into them. They will ensure the safety of our customers and increase the efficiency of the process.

Another important aspect of parking lot and all exterior lighting is being able to add lighting after a parking lot is already completed if a customer so desires. There are two ways to do this, the first being to cut up the asphalt and install our conduits in order to connect the wiring to where it needs to go. The second is to bore underneath the concrete to a desired location. One of our best partners in business has the capability to shoot a bore under a parking lot and come up on the other side exactly where needed to install a new light fixture. This is a huge asset to us because this limits the amount of disruption placed upon our customers. Breaking up a parking lot and re-pouring the asphalt is usually going to be the cheaper option, but it is more time-consuming and much more disruptive to the business in which we are working.

Our lighting representatives, partners, and designers are experienced and knowledgeable about lighting options and what would look the best in each situation. Always with the most cost-effective options in mind, we can design and create the perfect exterior lighting layout for any business or office space. Our lighting partners can perform a service called a photometric layout which will give our customers a map of how much light will be produced on their site based on the types of lights chosen. We can look at the layout and decide if an area needs more lights or simply just a higher output light. This allows for our lighting design to be customized to each of our customer’s specific building and site layout.