NC&E, LLC Electrical Contractors

Service and Maintenance Department

With any system there are going to be challenges and issues, while we hope they never happen, we are prepared when they do. We have a service team dedicated to fixing electrical issues that arise in our customers businesses. This can be as simple as a light fixture not working or a breaker tripping to something as substantial as needing to upgrade the size of an electrical service or replacing all the lighting in your building or office space. Our service team uses our full service boom truck more than anyone in our company. Something as simple as replacing a bulb becomes much harder when that bulb is 40 feet in the air which is why our bucket truck is constantly being used by our service team to fix these types of issues.

Our service team is not only there for when problems arise but also for smaller projects that don’t require drawings or design. In the case our customers may need a light fixture added or replaced in a certain area of their building or would like to have an outlet added in a certain location, our team can provide these type of services as well. There really is no limit on what our service team can do, large or small our service can handle electrical additions, changes or rework.