NC&E, LLC Electrical Contractors

New Construction Up-Fit Capabilities

Electrical installation for new construction is one of NC&E’s specialties. We have completed projects of all different scales and magnitude. We have done projects as small as a $5,000 renovation to a multi-million-dollar electrical project coming from ground up.

Our estimating team will provide accurate pricing that is always competitive, and more importantly extremely detailed. We ensure that we do not miss anything on the drawings so that once the projects go to the field, there are no surprises to cause conflict during the construction process.

Our field staff has the experience to take a project from ground up. We will take a wide-open footprint of the building and be able to lay our conduits underground for transformers, panels, switch gear, generators, etc. before any equipment is in place with superb accuracy. This is a huge advantage for the project as a whole because, once the equipment is installed, everything electrically is already there. We work hard to get as much conduit under slab as possible in order to help stay ahead of schedule and to be as cost effective as possible.

Once walls are erected, we will rough-in the building with speed and accuracy. We understand the importance of working with other trades to make the rough-in process smooth and easy. We have good relationships with mechanical and plumbing contractors in town and can always work well together in the field whenever an issue arises. We also understand the importance of keeping schedule during rough-in so that drywall can be hung and project finishes can start. Every owner wants to see drywall hung because at that point in the construction process, you can start to physically see the building coming together and we try to be very cognizant of that. We rarely ever have any issues passing in-wall or overhead inspections, but if we do have any problems, we will fix the problem as soon as possible as to not slow down the project.

When it comes to finishing, we try to be as detailed as possible. The general contractors that we work for expect an exceptional product from us and that is what we intend to deliver. Lighting can sometimes be the most expensive single part of a project, so we strive to make sure every detail is exactly how the owner intended. One of the best parts of a project is the first time we flip the breakers and the lights come on; it makes a space start to feel complete. Our electricians take a lot of pride in their work, and lighting is the one place that we can physically see what the last few months of hard work has produced.

Contact us about your new construction project to see what the possibilities are.